Riverside Criminal Defense Attorney

Riverside criminal defense attorney H. Charles Gorian works diligently to defend the rights of the accused. Chuck Gorian has been practicing law for twenty-three years with an impressive record of results. Throughout his career, he has regularly handled all manner of misdemeanor and felony cases, including DUI, drug crimes, domestic violence, theft crimes, violent crimes, sexual offenses, firearms offenses, and homicide.


If you are facing criminal charges, you need a skillful and reliable criminal defense attorney on your side. And while dealing with such charges is never a simple matter, the right attorney can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your case.

With proven results, Riverside County Criminal Defense attorney Chuck Gorian has helped thousands of clients from all over Southern California protect their rights and secure their freedom.


The first few hours after you or a loved one has been arrested are crucial. Don’t wait to seek the help you need from a seasoned Riverside County Criminal Defense attorney. With careful planning, the Law Office of H. Charles Gorian will develop a strategy to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your case. No matter the charges you’re facing, rest assured that Gorian has the knowledge and the insight to plan and execute your legal strategy with confidence.

Trusted Representation.

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Do I Need a Defense Attorney?

If you were arrested, you probably have many questions. Some people choose to go through the criminal process alone or with the help of a public defender. In many cases, this is because they think they cannot afford representation. The truth is, public defenders have enormous caseloads.

This leaves them little time to dedicate to your case. Hiring an independent attorney means that you will have a legal advocate exclusively dedicated to your case and fighting for justice on your behalf. Your best chance at getting a successful case outcome is by retaining a criminal defense lawyer.

Chuck Gorian’s Case Results Speak for Themselves.

Riverside criminal defense attorney H. Charles Gorian has the experience you’re looking for when you hire someone to fight on your behalf. View some of Gorian’s case results to learn how he’s been able to help his clients. Or, read some of his reviews from both clients and colleagues.

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What Can a Good Defense Attorney Do For Me?

The ramifications of a criminal conviction are many and can lead to complications down the road, such as the destruction of a relationship or a marriage, the loss of a job or career, or even the degradation of your personal reputation. Such issues can follow you for the rest of your life, but it’s important to realize that a competent attorney can mitigate these problems by working to reduce the charges against you.

Experience When Your Future is At Stake

In some instances, an experienced attorney can have them eliminated entirely, and when your future is at stake, you cannot afford to work with anyone less than the best. The Murrieta Law Office of H. Charles Gorian regularly helps clients facing charges which range from simple misdemeanors to complex felony charges.

Gorian’s job as a legal advocate is to structure completely customized legal solutions and proven defense techniques to achieve the best possible outcome. Attorney Gorian has been able to achieve hundreds of case dismissals, reduced sentences, and other favorable outcomes for his clients. You can trust the Law Office of H. Charles ‘Chuck’ Gorian to work hard for you and to help you avoid as many of those unwanted complications as possible, whatever charges you may be facing.

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