Drug Crimes Attorney in Riverside County

Are you in need of a drug crimes attorney in Riverside County or the surrounding regions? Although the use of drugs carries with it a strong societal stigma, the recreational use of drugs may be far from uncommon. However, the potential harms associated with drug use and substance abuse are not fictional either, as demonstrated by the U.S. opioid crisis in 2017-2018.

Despite how prevalent drug use may or may not be in American society, the legal repercussions for drug crimes reflect an understanding that the use, sale, and trafficking of illicit substances is a threat to the public’s safety and morality.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, you should call The Law Office of H. Charles Gorian and seek the advice and advocacy of our experienced drug crimes attorney in Riverside County. You can expect comprehensive legal representation from Attorney Chuck Gorian. We consider the task of defending your constitutional rights as a criminal defendant to be a significant and solemn. We’ll make sure you receive just treatment under California law.

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Drug Offenses in California

Although California and other states have relaxed legal prohibitions for marijuana, drug use, possession, and distribution generally continue to be considered a severe criminal offense throughout the United States. Tragically, several repeat drug offenders have been overwhelmed by some mental illness that propagates drug addiction and substance abuse.

At The Law Office of H. Charles Gorian, you can benefit from the experience of a seasoned drug crimes attorney in matters such as:

  • Possession: A person who physically possesses or otherwise has exclusive control over illegal drugs may be guilty of the crime of possession. The penalties for drug possession depend on a variety of circumstances, such as the quantities in one’s possession, the type of drugs involved, prior convictions, and the involvement of minor-aged children. Possession charges hinge on evidence of actual or constructive possession of drugs. This makes it easier for prosecutors to make convictions. As a result, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced attorney to defend against such charges.
  • Distribution & Trafficking: California strictly prohibits the distribution and trafficking of illegal substances for manufacture or sale. Again, the extent of the legal penalties depends on factors including the quantity of drugs, the involvement of weapons, and prior convictions.
  • DUI: A person who is under the influence of illegal drugs while operating a motor vehicle may be criminally liable for a DUI conviction. The gravity of such charges drastically increases for multiple subsequent offenses, and in cases where the DUI leads to another person’s death or serious injury.
  • Prescription drug abuse: Not all drug crimes involve illicit street drugs. In fact, many drug crimes involve the abuse of otherwise legal drugs that are normally prescribed for medicinal purposes. However, if a person’s acquisition and use of a medicinal drug exceed a doctor’s legal prescription, they may face criminal charges. Find out more on our prescription drug crimes page.

The stakes involved in drug offenses can be extremely high in many cases. Not only are your liberties at stake, but your ability to lead an ordinary life free of legal obstacles and social judgment may be on the line as well. For those reasons, you should seriously consider retaining a qualified drug crimes defense attorney from Riverside County to represent your legal interests before the court. At The Law Office of H. Charles Gorian, you can benefit from the more than 20 years of criminal defense experience from our very own attorney and partner, Chuck Gorian.

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