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The love and compassion that a parent has for their children may no know bounds. When a child gets themselves into serious legal trouble of a criminal nature, what should a caring and responsible parent do?

Under California law, children under the age of 18 are generally absolved of legal liability for their harmful acts. However, when such acts cross over into criminal conduct, they could benefit from the services of a professional juvenile defense lawyer in Riverside County. Under the direction of veteran criminal defense attorney Chuck Gorian, our team at The Law Office of H. Charles Gorian can assist you in legal matters arising from California juvenile delinquency law.

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Parental Responsibility for Juvenile Delinquency

Generally, minor-aged children are not held legally responsible for their harmful conduct. That is why civil lawsuits arising from a child’s conduct are usually directed at the child’s parents. That is why there is a special court system that is dedicated to dispensing justice in cases involving the criminal conduct of minor children.

This is the basis for the juvenile court system in California. A minor-aged child who has been charged with committing a crime will be subjected to juvenile delinquency proceedings. In certain cases, a child may even be arrested for committing a crime.

Upon arrest, California law enforcement may proceed in the following ways:

  • Record the child’s arrest but send them home to their family
  • Send the child to a state agency that will be responsible for caring for the child
  • Deliver a Notice to Appear to the child and his or her parents
  • Detain the child in “juvenile hall”

Given their special legal status, the legal responsibility for a child’s crimes may fall on their parent or guardian. Parents may be financially liable for any damage their child inflicted. In some cases, a parent may be obligated to pay restitution to victims as monetary compensation for their injuries. Additionally, parents may have to coordinate with a probation officer regarding the care and control of their child.

Trying Minors as Adults

In cases of extreme wrongdoing, California law provides that the standard protections afforded to children accused of juvenile delinquency may not apply. Consequently, a child may be treated as an adult criminal defendant at trial.

Teenage boy sitting with hands in handcuffs and head down in need of a juvenile defense lawyer

Children who are at least 14 years old may be tried as an adult in the following cases:

  • Murder
  • Arson
  • Robbery with a deadly weapon
  • Rape
  • Kidnapping
  • Certain drug crimes

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As a parent, it may be difficult to see your child struggle with the law at such a young age. You can teach them lessons of responsibility while striving to maintain compassion for the legal adversity they face by protecting their legal rights. At The Law Office of H. Charles Gorian, we can help you preserve the rights and interests of your children during juvenile delinquency proceedings.

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