Pardon Attorney in Riverside

Anyone convicted of a crime in California may seek a Governor’s Pardon after a satisfactory period of rehabilitation. This period spans a minimum of seven and a maximum of ten years. By obtaining the honor of a pardon, a person may be relieved of many (but not necessarily all) of the penalties associated with a criminal conviction.

There are many reasons to pursue a governor’s pardon. These include the restoration of the right to firearms in California, the relief from the duty to register as a sex offender, revised employment prospects, the right to serve as a juror in California, the right to be employed as a county probation officer or as a state parole officer, the right not to have one’s credibility as a witness impeached based upon a conviction, improved opportunities to apply for state professional licensing, and, for legally present aliens, a deportation defense.

A person must demonstrate that he or she deserves a governor’s pardon, but nearly anyone convicted of a crime in California is eligible to attempt these measures after the appropriate period of rehabilitation, as defined above.

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